Car Lot

AI Driven Personalised Service

It was an end-to-end project to develop very personalized services for the online customers of that Automobile major. The tasks involved designing the end system architecture, implementing the proposed solution and integrating the developed system with their existing system. This project also involved the deployment of the AI-driven applications in their production system for A/B testing.


Family Shopping

Online Order Management - Cognitive Solution

The retail food chain used to serve a fixed number of orders in a day to its customers because of its system restriction. As a result, the resources (labor, storage) were not fully utilized to its capacity. The project was aimed at removing that restriction by introducing resource optimization methods. In addition, the order prediction model was developed for helping store managers to plan his/her resources in advance.


Seasonal Picks

Market Analysis

All different sports and Apparel brands used to perform market analysis before launching any new product into the market or to understand existing products' performances. Sometimes they also want to understand current users' reviews on the products already available in the market. In addition, they need to decide on the online advertising budget in different channels including Facebook pages, Youtube, Other websites.

Sports and Apparel Brands

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Predictive Web Caching

The travel and tourism company was facing issue with low cache hit ratio in their website and they wanted to harness the power of machine learning to see whether it can be improved. The project was aimed to provide a more reliable solution which can predict next search items from its online customers at regular intervals. 

Travel & Tourism

Online Shopping

Customer Review Analysis

The E-commerce client wanted to know more about common concerns faced by their customers on regular basis. They provided a big dataset of all customers' reviews for last one year. In addition, overall customers' sentiments needed to be analyzed.


Office Building

Big Data Solution

Designed and developed a big data solution for a banking domain client. It involved migration of huge volume of data from local servers to the HDFS system. We developed a Loan Approval system which was essentially used by the bank while evaluating its customers' credibility.