Online Market Analysis

Sports and Apparel Brands

Use Cases

Cross Visitation


User Journey
Social Media

All different sports and Apparel brands used to perform market analysis before launching any new product into the market or to understand existing products' performances. Sometimes they also want to understand current users' reviews on the products already available in market. In addition, they need to decide on online advertising budget in different channels including Facebook pages, Youtube, Other websites.  


Different modeling techniques were used to measure the performances of existing products. Comscore data was primarily used to analyze customers' movements on the web. This big data used to be stored in the Amazon Cloud. A different set of analysis was carried out as shown in following.


Cross Visitation:

A list of competitors of the client was made available and as part of this analysis, a matrix had to be formed with all competitors along with the client itself. It was then shown that what percentage of online customers who visited the client's website also visited other competitive sites.

User Journey:

In this analysis users' movement used to be documented before and after the user visited the client's website. It used to provide great insight into its customers' behavior. It also used to help our client to provide a strategic discounted offer to the targeted online customers.


Users' affinity towards the newly launched products is one such analysis that was done for many brands in the past.

Social Media:

Almost every sports and apparel brands had their presence on social media and they used to share regular news about their products or even about their company. There used to be thousands of comments from followers of their site. Public sentiment analysis was also part of the job. Even, these brands used to have the ambassadors from a different domain to promote their products. Ambassadors used to share regularly their views on the products on their timeline. The impact of the ambassador's presence on social media was another use case for us. ​

Attribution Model:

This kind of modeling technique used to help the companies to fix with their budgets on advertising. It is shown how different web channels are attributing towards sales of their products.  



Tools & Technologies

  • Amazon web service

  • Anaconda Distribution

  • R

  • Parquet data format

  • CSV data format

  • Spark

Python Libraries & Frameworks

  • SciKit Learn

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Pulp

  • Pickle

  • Flask

  • Json